1. #quantocks (at Great Wood, Quantocks)

  2. Still from the @GoPro on a section of trail right before I went wrong and took us down a rock garden verticle section of death. (Sorry @bigblueboard ) (at Great Wood, Quantocks)

  3. More hippyness (at Quantock Hills)

  4. at Great Wood, Quantocks


  5. iLeadership for a New Generation

    Fascinating reading The Steve Jobs Way: iLeadership for a New Generation by Jay Elliott.

    An incredible reminder of the impact Steve Jobs and his forward thinking has had on the world.

    I particularly respect that he didn’t bring products to market until the technology was ready (I fell victim to a succession of expensive Nokia Smartphones that didn’t work!).

    The iPad had been in development for years, long before iPhone but the processing power and battery technology just wasn’t there.

    He waited, then bought to market when he knew the consumer centric experience would be amazing.

    Published in 2011 Jay Elliot in an open letter to Steve at the end of the book suggested the collecting of bio data from each devices user to help monitor changes in their vital signs.

    Many of these features are to be shipped with iOS8.

    Can’t beat a bit of IBM and Microsoft bashing either. Long live the pirates!

  6. at Cwmcarn Trail Centre

  8. Cheeky #cwmcarn on the newly spruced steed. The 36s were smoother than a smooth thing, effortless going down. This shot was taken before my rear end snapped the saddle on the last down! (at Cwmcarn Trail Centre)

  9. #Supermoon meets #bertha remnants

  10. Even Trenchard Street car park looked nice in the #bristol evening sun (at O2 Academy Bristol)