1. The *star* at midday is the #iss spotted in the urban light pollution of Bristol (at Plantation Caribbean Bar & Restaurant)

  2. 'Mobile Lovers'. New #banksy alert! #keepItInBristol #bristol #art # (at Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery)

  3. #filternon (at The Wellington Hotel, Ventnor)

  4. This time a room with a view (at The Wellington Hotel, Ventnor)

  6. Exit

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  7. Style cover up

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  8. Cafe with a view #cafeview #cornwall


  9. Remember this day so well. I was staying in a Swedish youth hostel in the Armenian quarter of old Jerusalem.

    We spent the day glued to #mtv watching the same news item and listening to Nirvana.

    All these years later I still think it’s such a huge waste of talent. But, boy oh boy has Dave Grohl triumphed and become the epitome of positive rock dude.